Sunday, 17 January 2010

Antiviral choice

Since the last post on antivirals, I have found that Valaciclovir is available at the 'Breakspear' and am to start the drug immediately.  I was initially offered Aciclovir, but as I have previously explained, Valaciclovir is more absorbable and hence what I have requested to use. The oral bioavailability of Valaciclovir is ~55% compared to ~10-20% for that of Aciclovir.  Dr Lerner's treatment for ME/CFS that commenced from EBV, used Valaciclovir over a prolonged period for as long as 36 months.  If I was to use Aciclovir it could take approximately three to five times longer to achieve the same results, so even though it is slightly more expensive the decision was easy.

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  1. Oliver I just found your blog on my Google alerts and was delighted to see you are attending the breakspear.

    I hope you have success in treating your ME/CFS with their help.

    My ME/CFS turned out to be lyme disease and eventually with long term antibiotics I am more or less 100% after a 6 1/2 year illness. Through Eurolyme I am in touch with many patients who have been helped by the Breakspear not cheap but better than what we are offered on the NHS.

    I will watch your progress with great interest. Best wishes.