Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I appreciate that ME/CFS has a long list of health issues and symptoms associated with it, but I can only discuss the ones that affect me.  The following I have labelled as my primary symptoms.  Post exercise fatigue (not even exercise but any small minor activities which includes an energetic conversation), sore lymph nodes and tissues, cognitive issues including foggy brain and anxiety, joint pains, and immune reactions causing sore throats and glands along with hot itchy sweating.  There seems to be a distinctive set of ME/CFS patients who additionally have stomach sensitivities caused by severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  As only a proportion suffer from this, I am calling this a secondary symptom.  This hypersensitivity caused an exaggeration to all of my primary symptoms along with a general feeling of malaise over the festive period.

I have realised that the nutritional treatment approach has begun to manage some of my other secondary symptoms.  My temperature control has improved whereby I do not overheat and sweat from a hot meal or drink (I still lose heat extremely easily) and my Gastroesophageal Reflux (GERD) has reduced.  A discussion about GERD will be explained in more detail another time.  I did not take the approach recommended by my GP to take antacids, as I have low stomach acid not high.  What has disheartened me is that my primary symptoms have now remained constant for over a year with no sign of improvement.  What I am hoping, is that over time the summation of all these secondary symptom minor improvements may eventually allow me to be self sufficient and live some sort of life which at present is just not possible.


  1. I'm in the set that has the digestive /IBS symptoms and these often seem to go along with all sorts of other intolerances/allergeis and sensitivities to foods, chemicals etc etc. Tried the nutritional route and exclusion and does help somewhat but over the years the sensitivities to seem to increase in severity and in range.

    Following your progress with interest

  2. I also get the hot flushes after drinks, food and emotion. I assumed it was hormonal as I am perimenopausal - but maybe not. Interesting.

    Stick with it. The body takes time to heal. I have heard it said that it is one year for every five years of damage. Also, there will be seasonal changes, not to mention the cultural pressures we are all under at certain times of year. Sounds like you are doing all the right things for yourself. I wish I had half your discipline.