Friday, 22 April 2011

Nutritional Balancing Science

Over the past 3 years I have trialled all available treatments I have come across for ME/CFS. Steadily over time I became more and more unwell which is why I have not blogged for such a long time. After another winter of dispair and loss of hope I decided to do a 'HOUSE' on myself and I laid out my results across my bedroom floor and got a whiteboard for my symptoms and findings. After hours of coming across the same theories and options I came across something new. Pages and pages of well written articles by a doctor from what I could see grasps the concepts that the illness is the breakdown of not single body parts but an entire body failure requiring a holistic approach to rebuild the entire bodies working structure. I have now been on the treatment for 4 months, since the turn of the year. I have had to build up the treatment extremely slowly because my body has become so sensitive, experienced by a few nasty moments of healing too quickly. Already I have improved to a level where the pain and discomfort is much less, my understanding of my symptoms is much higher, and I see a course that hopefully will lead to firstly no pain and secondly the ability to start doing small social activities later this year. A small, and it is only small at this stage beam of light has been seen, after such a long period of what I can only describe as hell. It must be said it has not been plain sailing. The treatment has been extremely hard work and painful but over time it is now beginning to calm. I am so greatful to Dr Wilson for all his research and hard work into nutritional balancing science and am gaining faith in his approach more very day.