Monday, 30 November 2009

Candida Albicans

Candida is a controversial topic whether or not combined with mentioning ME/CFS.  The medical profession accept candida when in the form of thrush or athletes foot and in definite weakened immune system illnesses such as HIV when it can become systemic.  However, not with ME/CFS, even though in the US it is sometimes known as ‘Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome’.  What makes me suspect that a retrovirus or something similar is causing ME/CFS are the similarities to HIV.  Candida becomes present because of the immune system dysfunctions in both illnesses.  I do understand that there are also many patterns and symptoms that do not correlate, as with AIDS and not ME/CFS, the immune system eventually fails.

There are many nutritional clinics that claim by removing candida and supporting the immune system ME/CFS can be treated.  I recommend ME/CFS patients to get tested for candida, but I believe it to be a secondary problem.  Attempting to rebalance the gut is crucial and will hugely reduce some symptoms (as it has for me), but this does not address the root issues.  As I will explain in other sections, I have attempted to treat all the problems I have identified.  The theory I am using is that perhaps taking a load off the immune system might improve the chance of recovery, whilst at least making this current period of time as least painful as possible.


  1. Hello mate. What symptoms of candida did you have and how did you treat it? Iv had cfs for 12 months which was debilitating on its own- symptoms of chronic fatigue, nausea, lack of concentration amongst various others. 2 months back I started with candida and the symptoms of that have made me ten times worse.

  2. Actually, feel free to email me at so we can talk more. It would be good to talk to someone going through this terrible illness the same as me.

  3. Have you looked at the biofilm protocol for fixing the gut? Check out Dr Anju Usman's video presentation on this on the web.
    I heard her speak about this a year ago and thought the research or theory behind it was pretty poor.
    Then I tried it and had the most awful die-off..or "reaction" for people who don't like the term die-off...and never went back to it.
    But actually, I think I just over did and as she says in the youtube video, I had hellacious die-off.
    I plan to revisit the protocol.. go easy on the killing agents ...and monitor fecal metal tests to see if I am dumping metals as I kill of gut bugs.
    Peta Cohen in New Jersey.. a DAN! practitioner has an article on this. Google Peta cohen and biofilm. It's in an ARG newsletter.