Monday, 9 November 2009

How my ME/CFS began

I became very unwell in January 2008 with an unknown illness. My GP knew it was a virus, as I possessed a high white blood cell count, however could not determine its type or origin. At this time I also began to have severe sinus infections and was given multiple sessions of antibiotics. Three months later an ENT surgeon diagnosed I had Glandular Fever. I carried on with work and only took time off when physically unable with many weeks taken ill at home in bed. Looking back this was a bad idea to continue working and assuming the symptoms would magically go away, but this was the advice I was given from my GP. As the year progressed the quantity of weeks taken off work increased, and I began to feel even worse. Eventually in November 2008 I stopped work and moved back to my parents. Looking back over that first year, I would describe my Glandular Fever symptoms as decreasing and my ME/CFS as increasing. Early in 2009 I was diagnosed with ME/CFS.

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