Monday, 9 November 2009

The purpose of this blog

I am going to use this blog not as a story, but to discuss and explain all the treatments I have tried and which worked or not.  I hope this will then help others in the future, to have a starting point to assist them instead of researching for themselves what is available. It took me nearly a year from my ME/CFS diagnosis, searching for and attempting available treatment options, before any improvements (however small) in my health were witnessed. I have taken advice from as many people in and out of the related field as possible to come to my own conclusions. This illness is a very personal thing with everyone having some of there own problems. A uniform approach for everyone is therefore not possible. However, some symptoms are common and so if listing mine and the approaches I took to help my illness, can help others, then brilliant. As most people will have read or had first hand experience in, the medical profession for this illness offer near to no advice.

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